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Weekend program

Learn without compromising your regular work schedule.

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Get ready for real job

Build solutions for real world problems from scratch, work with huge data sets on a real hadoop cluster.

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A Novel approach

Learn from certified engineers and top data scientists who work in top fortune companies. We are not traditional trainers!

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Proven expertise

Carefully crafted program have changed lives of 750+ professionals already!

The TechRover Difference

  • Our training is not online! You learn directly from engineers who work in field. Interact, ask questions and get responses right away!
  • Learn not only individual tools, get insights on what it takes to complete a real life big data project end-to-end.
  • Comprehensive training designed to go from most basic to advanced concept in small steps.
  • Get dedicated mentor! Get advice at each step of your career transitioning process. Including help with LinkedIn profile and resume reviews
  • We are the only training company in Texas who is solely focusing on Big Data Training

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We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers.

Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses:

There are no pre-requisite of this training.Training will start by covering most basic to very advanced topics over 6 weeks. However, for best results, basic familiarity with SQL and any programming language is recommended. We provide additional resources to refresh your fundamental concepts.
This training is for people who are already in Computer Science/IT domain and looking to enhance or upgrade their skill sets into the field of Big Data. Our students have typically one of the following titles: Software Engineer, Solution Architect, Database Administrator, Data modeler, Data Warehouse Engineer, Technical Director, and Project/Solution Manager.
Our training is NOT online! We believe in fostering learning via a physical collaboration, interactionwith a freedom to ask unlimited questions! All of our training are conducted in our company’s Richardson, TX campus near to University of Texas at Dallas.
Yes! Absolutely. While this is a very rigorous training and you would be required to perform a lot of hands on work including programming and writing queries, we have specialized Big Data Engineers and Data Scientist who make the process of coding fun! Special help is always available if you need extra help in making that code run! Our engineers are also available for help outside of regular teaching hours.
Total training would take ~36hrs. (6hrs/Week for 6 Weeks). However, it’s highly encouraged that you put at-least 2 - 4 more hours per week to review the material, solve challenge questions, read online and come to the next class with a lot of questions!
Yes, the training covers all the materials to get you ready for Big Data Certification exams from various providers. However, this program is not designed to just get certification. Our mission is to get you ready for real jobs and solve real world big data problems. Our program covers way more than what you would need to get certified.
Examples of potential job titles after the training: Big Data Software Engineer, Big Data Solution Architect/Consultant, Big Data Sales Lead, Technical Director and Big Data Project Manager/Product Owner.
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