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Custom Software Development

Techrover Solutions Services Product

Product Development

Techrover Solutions offer’s a variety of Product development features such as Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, SEO service, Industrial Training (may vary for India/US), Domain and hosting, Mentorship, Visa services.

A custom designed software will conform to your business needs and processes, it will grow and expand, as your organization grows, and allow you to respond to changes in business, and industry environment swiftly. It will create a strategic advantage by providing flexibility, which will be the key to success for your business.

  • Techrover Solutions Website Web Development
  • Techrover Solutions Mobile Mobile Development
  • Techrover Solutions Desktop Desktop Application
  • Techrover Solutions Testing Automation Testing
Techrover Solutions Services Internet of
Things (iOT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Iot links objects to the internet, enabling data and insights never available before. With one intelligent network infrastructure, you can enhance operations. Increase wellbeing and security. What's more, increase profitable information knowledge to streamline robotization.

Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling connection of all devices and is rapidly changing the way we live. IoT is connecting billions of devices in the world and enabling them to communicate, exchange data and optimize our systems. Every industry is being affected and presented with new exciting opportunities to reduce costs, improve business processes and drive customer growth exponentally. According to Accenture forecast, IoT is expected to bring trillions of dollars to the global economy within the the next decade.

  • Techrover Solutions IoT Consulting Service IoT Consulting Services
  • Techrover Solutions IoT Implementation Service IoT Implmentation Services
  • Techrover Solutions IoT Managed Service IoT Managed Services
  • Techrover Solutions H/ardware /chip Programing Hardware Chip Programming
  • Techrover Solutions Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions
Techrover Solutions Service Cloud

Data Analytics

We help companies drive digital transformation by helping them combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage. Techrover Solutions provides a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, enabling companies to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions.

Despite businesses being blasted with abundance of data in this digital era, most of the organizations do not make use of the opportunities that lie in analyzing it. Insights about your customers, processes, and all other aspects of your business environment, can be derived from Big Data by deploying computing algorithms on your devices or back end platforms to compute, and reveal different patterns, and new trends. Using this information your company will create better business strategies, improve processes, and unlock new revenue streams and solutions.

  • Techrover Solutions PowerB?I PowerBI
  • Techrover Solutions Google Data Studio Google Data Studio
  • Techrover Solutions Pythin Python
Techrover Solutions Service Cloud

Cloud Solutions

In the application economy, almost all businesses are leveraging clouds—public, private or a combination of both. Techrover Solutions has the private and hybrid cloud solutions and tools you can trust to help you get the most out of the clouds you use today. We show you how to move beyond migration and into mastery.

Forward thinking, dynamic companies make use of Cloud solutions to improve flexibility, agility, responsiveness and save cost. Our team of Solution Architects, Designers, and Coders will help your business develop and build comprehensive cloud solutions on different platforms.

  • Techrover Solutions AWS Migration AWS Migration
  • Techrover Solutions AWS Hosting AWS hosting
  • Techrover Solutions AWS Monitoring AWS Monitoring
  • Techrover Solutions Azure Cloud Server Azure cloud Services
  • Techrover Solutions AWS Analytics AWS Analytics
Techrover Solutions Service User

User Experience

Mobile optimized applications and websites are a standard nowadays, hence User Interface and User Experience is important for every business’s long term success in this competitive environment. Smart organizations invest in UI/UX to gain and retain more customers and increase revenues.

Your application and website represents your brand, hence high quality, simple and easy to use design is important. Customer attention span is short and you have to ensure a well developed and maintained website. Investing in UI/UX is truly a game changing strategy for businesses.

  • Techrover Solutions User Inteface Design User Interface Design
  • Techrover Solutions Web Frameworks Web Frameworks
  • Techrover Solutions UX Strategy UX Strategy
  • Techrover Solutions eCommerce & B2B eCommerce & B2B


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