How Our Mobile App Development helps real business needs


Choose technology and innovation consulting and in-depth market understanding to get a success-oriented mobile strategy for your company.


With our help, you are getting user-focused digital tools and omnichannel experiences that fully meet your customers' needs and your business goals.


We apply an iterative approach to build future-proof digital products, quickly manage changing requirements and deliver on time and on budget.


We integrate new products into your digital infrastructure, provide quality assurance and use performance insights for future optimization.

Our Mobile app Development Services

  • Mobile technology has made it possible for enterprises to establish deeper and more constant connections to their distributed operations as they move beyond the desktop to meet their business and employee needs.


  • Android Applications
  • IoS Applications
  • UI/UX
  • Backend Applications

AI technology consulting

Artificial intelligence consulting services will help you realize how many opportunities come from implementing AI solutions into your business, along with the analysis of available data and data’s monetization potential

What your gains are:

  • Get your massive data set to a manageable size in order to find the best answers to the biggest questions lying in the data.
  • Ensure your AI Model is accurate and explainable
  • Evaluate the real value of the AI opportunity
  • Get business and technical documentation for your future AI solution


  • AI Solution Design
  • Data Exploration
  • AI Model Assessment
  • Pilot Project

AI development & engineering

Run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning solutions from pilot to production. Adopt frameworks to leverage real-time data for developing and deploying AI applications in a real-world context and drive a positive ROI

What your gains are:

  • Drive smarter transformations of your workflows and technology
  • Turn raw unstructured data into quality useful information
  • Get intelligent insights to your customers and into their experiences
  • Identify anomalies that stop and prevent fraud-related losses and damages
  • Find out what’s expected to happen in the future and get competitive advantage in the market
  • Make data-driven business decisions based on extracted relevant features and stats


  • Anomaly Detection
  • Computer Vision
  • Customer Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning Operations
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Recommender Systems
  • Scientific Model Architecting
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Classification

How our US based Mobile App Development team can help

TechRover provides comprehensive, multi-platform mobile application development services, from problem analysis through design, development and ultimate integration into your existing enterprise environment. We also provide optimization and scaling of the applications to meet whatever ongoing evolution may occur.

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